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Residential Services

In this program the individual learns the responsibilities of living in their own home with the assistance of minimal to 24-hour staffing.  Skills such as home living, hygiene, co-habitation, recreation and community access are taught to increase each individual’s independence level. The Supported Homes provide both day and residential services in private home settings.

Recycling and Manpower

Blue Heron provides manpower to run our local recycling and waste Management services.  The contract with the Athabasca Regional Waste Management Commission once again provides valuable jobs for people with special needs in our community.  This cooperative venture meets the needs of the municipalities, Blue Heron and the citizens of the area.

Outreach Services

The focus of this program is to assist individuals who work and live independently in the community in the following areas: home maintenance, finance, education, employment, and medical.   Individuals receive these services at their request.
Individuals looking for further information on individual development can visit:  ADWA logo

Community Employment

This program assists each individual in learning the expectations of job search and employment.  After an employment placement has been secured, each individual has a job support worker with them to help them learn their job and assist them into successfully integrating into the work environment, all the while the job support worker gradually fazes themselves out of the placement.  Some individuals require a permanent job support worker but it is still ensured that the individual gains and has as much independence as possible.  The program also provides consistent support to the employer to help ensure the placement is running smoothly and all persons involved are satisfied.

Community Access

This program’s purpose is to enhance each individual’s skills in the areas of home living, community access, developing natural supports, social, recreational, motor and mobility, health and nutrition, and employment.  With these skills, individuals learn to access the community with the support of staff members.  There are two main sub programs - one for young adults and another focusing on seniors.

Building skills in the areas of social skills, problem solving, life skills, teamwork, financial, education, and home living skills to assist the individuals accessing this program to gain their independence in these areas and to allow them to works towards the overall goal of independence.  This is a lively and verbal program where individuals discuss the above topics where they can learn from each other as well as the staff.

Blue Heron owns and operates the local bottle depot.  This provides the organization the opportunity to employ a number of people at competitive wages and provides extra funding for service to adults with developmental disabilities.

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