Help And Support

Dealing with an Eating Disorder is never easy. Everyone with an Eating Disorder experiences a tremendous amount of suffering and turmoil but they are not the only ones – family and friends often face huge difficulties when trying to help their loved ones in the battle to beat the illness. The following are some guidelines which you may find helpful.

  • Seek help and support – e.g. G.P, support groups, therapists, family and friends.
  • Don’t take things the sufferer says or does personally.
  • Don’t blame or resent them, they have not chosen to be ill.
  • Be firm but be gentle, set clear boundaries and work together as a family unit.
  • However persuasive you may try to be, remember that recovery must come from within the individual with the Eating Disorder.
  • Talk about your concerns but do not be surprised if they deny everything you say.
  • To avoid confrontation at mealtimes, ensure that both you and the treatment team are setting the same boundaries, inevitably some meal times may be disastrous but try to remember that this is the Eating Disorder trying to maintain control of the individual.
  • Do not feel guilty about taking time out to recharge the batteries.
  • Remember if there are other family members, they too need your love and support at this difficult time.
  • Don’t give up – your love and support is vital.

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