Faye’s personality has been described in brief on the ‘about us’ page and I would just like to add a little more. Faye was never top of the class in academic subjects, always dreaming – as people would say,away with the fairies’ . She was studying 3 ‘A’ levels, Art, Photography & Psychology which created frustration and fun amongst her friends, helpers and teachers. Faye’s teachers in the art subjects got quite frustrated with her as she didn’t follow the prospectus, so they didn’t always know what she was doing! But finally, at the age of 17 she was putting it together her way, which was backwards most of the time – the finished article first with no back up folder afterwards explaining where the piece had come from! This unconventional approach produced the two best known pieces of Faye’s work :  the 5ft high ‘Metal Woman’ and the photography epic ‘ The Journey Of The Pork Pie’ which is on display at King Edward V11 Sixth Form College in Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire. Faye was my shadow and I embrace the fact that  she produced something out of her head without applying lots of time to inspirational boards with ample paper cuttings and fabrics and the rest of the stuff ! That’s our girl Faye Cree. Love always, Kate, Phil & Liam Cree xxx

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