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Save water and money - benchmark your irrigation performance

Benchmarking - A guide to improving farm profits, agricultural production, environmental performance and irrigation efficiency.

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At present this benchmarking tool is only available for potato growers. During this development phase we are only accepting data for 2011 growing season.

"Benchmarking our potato production has really helped to highlight areas where we can improve irrigation management to reduce water and energy consumption.."

Richard Solari - Shropshire based potato grower

Enables you to compare your irrigation performance with other growers. It's like 'looking over the fence' to see what your neighbours are doing and finding ways to improve what you are doing. Benchmarking can help you answer answer key questions such as:

How well am I performing now compared with others
Can I perform better, reduce costs, reduce water usage, increase profitability?
How do I do it - change/improve infrastructure, improve soil water management, adopt best industry practices?

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